Graphic Artist • Brazil / based in London    
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asa Idea Fixa , Brazil 2019.

A lot of fluidity, organic, natural forms, shades of pink.
Each environment explored the senses: aroma, music, light rosé and works near and accessible,
possible to be touched and felt.

Flowers and an extremely careful palette of colors made up the scenery.



Break’ Art Mix
, Paris 2018.

“Vernissage of Brazilian-Italian graphic artist Bárbara Malagoli Martino 

This one night exposition will present previous work as well as brand new drawings created in situ in Paris during the time of her artistic residency. “

Venus Magique

Caravanserail, London 2018.

“The series was born of a desire to explore and understand the fluidity
and limits of her art as a female artist.

The spontaneity and freedom that ink and paper provide are the source of an emotional, physical and spiritual journey through different states of being. In her drawings, the artist uses both figurative and abstract elements to create compositions of free and strong women.

Inspiring, curvy, fierce and unbreakable, each woman represented in her drawings is a statement of a presence in the world and a contemporary vision of ancient goddesses from matriarchal societies.”


Sala Aberta, Brazil/ São Paulo, 2018.

“Sala Aberta welcomes Barbara Malagoli, Julia Balthazar and Paula Puiupo,
three leading exponents of the new generation,
for this unprecedented ritual.

After the last encounter, they come together this time to exhibit unpublished
drawings specially made for this occasion.

During the exhibition each artist will explore and
invite visitors to know their personal rituals.
Mixingdrawings with scenographic productions that reflect their hidden universes.”