Graphic Artist • Brazil / based in London    
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Box Museum

Eden is a series of prints made specially for
  Box Museum - Exhibition.
Curated by Ayumi Takahashi and Yoshiko Tezuka.
at Dalian City Art Museum - China. 
Amongst 12  great artists:

Ayumi Takahashi |  Benedikt Luft Cynthia Kittler Jan Buchczik Jason Sturgill |
Jun Cen | Lisk Feng | Maiko Sugiyama | Mayuko Kanazawa | Nadine Kolodziey | Zhang Liang

Limited Print editions from all over the world 🌍 ✨






Giclée Print
Edition of 20
Museum Heritage 310 gsm
297 x 420 mm
Comes with certification with digital signature
Ships world wide
From Exhibition “Box Opening”